About Us

Welcome to Signature Clinic.

Signature Clinic is a medical aesthetic clinic located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur providing non-invasive treatments to help you look younger and trimmer. We apply leading-edge technology to sculpt you with the precision of a diamond cutter, making you the most brilliant gem you can be. The science of what we do, won’t empty your bank account, so you don’t have to worry about skimping on the other luxuries of life.

Our Services

Vanquish Fat Reduction

Vanquish Fat Reduction is an advanced high-tech procedure performed to help reduce fat in the midsection of the body.


FDA-cleared, non-surgical fat-reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat.

BTL X Wave

Reduce cellulite and stimulate collagen production resulting to improvement in elasticity, firmness and smoothness of the skin.

Alma Accent Prime Body Contouring

Combined technologies to eliminate excess fat and loose skin, visibly improving the shape and contours of the body.