Meso Whitening

Meso Whitening is a safe treatment designed to lighten localised areas of discolouration. It can treat melasma, hyperpigmentation and isolated dark spots in a targeted way. It has antioxidant that contributes towards the removal of free radicals.

This treatment is capable of brightening the skin and inhibiting the production of the enzyme responsible for pigmentation (melanin). When injected directly underneath the surface of the skin, it halts the production of melanin and generates a lightening effect over darkened areas. It also boosts skin cell reproduction, replacing old and damaged cells.

This treatment consists of a series of small injections of whitening solutions. The chosen formula acts as a “medicinal bullet” that is delivered directly to a target in the skin.

The treatment requires minimal down time which enables most people to return to their normal activities.

Result is visible after 3-4 weeks with regular sessions of treatment.