Fraxel Dual

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Fraxel is an FDA-approved true fractional technology for advanced skin resurfacing results, to help restore your skin to its original, perfect texture. It penetrates deep into the skin effective in treating scars, including stretch marks, fine lines, wrinkles, texture, and pores.

Fraxel skin resurfacing treatments are able to precisely treat thousands of microscopic areas of skin, using pinpoint laser beams that penetrate beneath the skin’s surface to eliminate old, damaged skin cells. Fraxel stimulates the body’s own healing process which replaces damaged skin with fresh, glowing, healthy skin.

It can target between 5-50% of the skin’s surface, leaving the remaining 50-95% available to quickly help heal the treated areas. Since Fraxel treatments are so precise, it’s safe and effective to use on even delicate skin areas like the neck, chest and hands, in addition to the face.

There will be an increased sensation of heat during the treatment. To minimize discomfort, topical anaesthesia is applied 30 minutes before the procedure to numb the skin and cold air is used on the treatment area during the procedure. After the treatment, most patients report feeling a sun-burned sensation which usually dissipates within a few hours.

Following a Fraxel treatment, patients may experience some redness and swelling. Some may also experience minor itching, dry skin, peeling or flaking, and a bronzed appearance. Patients will be given specific instructions about post treatment care to minimize side-effects.

Results are both immediate and progressive, with optimal improvement usually visible in 2-3 months. Immediately after the initial healing is complete, the surface of skin will feel softer, look brighter, and tone will start to become even. Progressive results occur over the next three to six months, as the deeper layers of the skin continue to heal with production of new collagen and elastin to replace damaged tissue.