BTL Vanquish

Vanquish Fat Reduction

Vanquish Fat Reduction is an advanced high-tech procedure performed to help reduce fat in the midsection of the body. This a non-invasive technique which focuses on destroying fat stores in the abdomen and love handles without harming the skin or nearby tissues.

Using a selective RF system, Vanquish delivers radio-frequency energy directly to heat the targeted fat cells and destroy them without harming the skin or surrounding tissue.

Warm sensation is the typical feel in the treated area during the treatment. Comfort is the main advantage of BTL Vnquish. The treatment is performed in a lying position so patients can easily relax during the procedure.

No downtime is necessary after a Vanquish procedure, and patients can easily have the treatment during lunch break and resume their normal daily activities immediately.

Many patients report changes as soon as 2 to 3 weeks after the first treatment, when their body starts to naturally eliminate disrupted fat cells. Optimal results can be usually seen after a couple of months.