Alma Accent Prime

Accent Prime

Accent Prime uses combined technologies to eliminate excess fat and loose skin, visibly improving the shape and contours of the body.

The synergy of ultrasound and RF technologies achieves superior results to those of either technology on its own. Cold ultrasound shear waves selectively destroy fat cells while Uni Polar RF accelerates their metabolism for fast lymphatic drainage. The application of RF heat energy following fat destruction helps to  tighten the skin and improve its texture while also building new collagen. Combined technologies and treatment options yield faster, longer-lasting results, with fewer treatment sessions.

It promotes controlled and pain free heating of the skin in the treatment area.

No downtime post treatment and patients can resume their normal daily activities immediately. Mild erythema or reddening of the skin may appear in the treated area, which is likely to disappear within 24 hours.

Many patients report changes as soon as 2 to 3 weeks after the first treatment. Optimal results can be usually seen after 1-3 months.